The drug trade is the driving factor of violence, theft and other crimes.  Drugs are affecting many with adverse effects on our school children and the business community, and are causing devastation of the family unit in every corner of York County.  The costs are enormous, and the effects on lives are immeasurable.

York County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Dave Sunday
is Helping Spearhead the Fight

The Port of Baltimore is known as the Heroin Capital of America.  Dave Sunday, York County Chief Deputy Prosecutor of Major Crimes and Felony Drug Cases has been on the front lines of the fight as it impacts our community.  Dave Sunday asserts, “York County is Ground Zero North in the battle.”

“York County has become a bullseye for drugs, especially for those who traffic heroin,” says Dave Sunday. “As dealers bring heroin north via I-83 into our community, York County, principally south of US Route 30, has been among the most affected by drugs entering through the Port of Baltimore.  At the same time, our vicinity to Philadelphia via the PA Turnpike (I-76 West) and New York City via US Route 222 South from Reading to US Route 30 West, compounds the problem.  These Philly & NYC dealers notably target the residents of York City and of Northern York County.”

“The York County DA’s Office has successfully collaborated with Local, State and Federal partners to aggressively prosecute drug dealers to the fullest extent of the law. I will utilize my extensive experience as Chief of the Felony Narcotics Unit to direct prosecutions aimed at rooting out the sources of the heroin supply through longer-term investigations,” states Dave Sunday.

York County Heroin Task Force

In 2014, York County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Dave Sunday co-founded the York County Heroin Task Force (YCHTF) with Coroner Pam Gay to combat the heroin problem by forming a partnership of community, medical and government agencies dedicated to reducing the abuse of heroin and prescription opioids in our communities.

The YCHTF seeks to educate our citizens regarding the prevalence of the heroin and prescription drug problem, signs and symptoms of addiction and the available treatment resources in our community.  The goal of the YCHTF is to reduce drug-related deaths and crime in our communities through public education, advocacy, media, law enforcement and legislation.

The YCHTF is a pioneer program as it was only the second such heroin task force in the Commonwealth.  Together, Dave and/or Pam, along with other YCHTF members have presented more than 85 public and private presentations on York County’s heroin epidemic in the last 2 years.  Other community entities have also spun off from or partnered with the YCHTF and are helping to bring additional heroin and prescription drug education into York County Schools.